The Crisis In Our Community

3 families lose a baby every week in Franklin County.

150 infants a year die in Franklin County.

African American babies are dying at twice the rate of white babies.

Every baby deserves to celebrate his or her first birthday.

The greatest gift our community can give each baby is a healthy and safe first year of life that sets him or her on a path to thrive each year beyond that.

To do so, CelebrateOne and its partners will take on the most significant factors that contribute to Columbus’ high infant mortality rate:

Babies born too small or too soon

Sleep-related deaths

Exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy and secondhand smoke in their early days of life.

Health inequities. An infant mortality rate for black babies that is 2 ½ times higher than the rate for white babies.

About CelebrateOne

In June 2014, the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force ended its 6-month process with the release of its final report to the residents of Franklin County. In it were eight recommendations to reduce the community’s alarming infant mortality rate by 40 percent and cut the racial health disparity gap in half by 2020.

CelebrateOne was created in November 2014 to carry out the Task Force’s recommendations and ensure Franklin County meets its ambitious goal.

Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force: Final Report

Year One Community Report and Video Summary

Year One Implementation Plan

2016 Fetal Infant Mortality Review Report

2016 CelebrateOne Annual Report 

Annual Report Power Point Deck

CelebrateOne for ADAMH: Recommendations

Our Initiatives

For Healthy Moms and Moms-To-Be

Improve women’s health before pregnancy.

  • Increase enrollment in public and private health insurance coverage.
  • Increase preventive health care visits for teens.

Improve reproductive health planning.

  • Address reproductive health planning as part of prenatal and postpartum care to ensure “safe spacing” between pregnancies.
  • Increase use of safe and effective methods of preventing pregnancy.

Improve prenatal care systems and supports for highest risk families.

  • Increase women’s entry into prenatal care during the first trimester.
  • Ensure prenatal care access and capacity across the community, particularly for highest risk women.
  • Target maternal home visiting resources to improve outcomes for the highest risk families.

Ensure highest standards of quality for perinatal care.

  • Increase the percentage of eligible women receiving progesterone.
  • Establish a community standard and continue to monitor performance by hospital, to reduce early elective deliveries.
  • Modify community practices, as necessary, to ensure that very low birth weight newborns are cared for in Level III facilities that have consistently high volumes of these patients.

Reduce maternal smoking.

  • Target resources to reduce smoking among pregnant and postpartum women and their families.
For Healthy Babies

Reduce Household Smoking.

  • Target tobacco cessation resources to postpartum women and their families.

Improve supports for highest risk families.

  • Target maternal home visiting resources to improve outcomes for the highest risk families.

Promote Infant Safe Sleep.

  • Implement a comprehensive public awareness and education campaign to improve safe sleep practices.
  • Incorporate safe sleep and breast-feeding as a key component of prenatal care, at the time of delivery, and postpartum.
  • Establish infant safe sleep practices as a community social norm.
  • Develop a coordinated community process for ensuring highest risk families have a crib before the baby leaves the hospital.
For Healthy Communities

Improve social and economic conditions that drive disparities across our community and in neighborhoods where infant mortality rates are the highest.

  • Engage, mobilize and target interventions in neighborhoods that have the highest identified risk and opportunity for improving infant mortality and reducing disparities.
  • Work with City of Columbus, Franklin County and community leaders to align strategies and target supportive resources across sectors to improve the social and economic conditions that impact infant mortality.
  • Address the effects of race and racism on infant mortality and disparity.

CelebrateOne Partners

Central Ohio Hospital Council
Columbus City Council
Columbus Department of Development
Columbus Public Health
Franklin County Board of Commissioners
Franklin County Families and Children First Council
Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services
Ohio Department of Medicaid
Ohio Better Birth Outcomes Collaborative
Partners for Kids

Executive Committee

  • Michael Fiorile,  President and CEO of The Dispatch Printing Company
  • Donna James,  Managing Director of Lardon and Associates
  • Steve Allen, MD,  CEO of Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Charles Booth, D. Min.,  Pastor at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
  • Steve Schoeny,  Director, Columbus Department of Development
  • Nathan Hurd,  Parent and Founder of
  • Teresa Long, MD,  Health Commissioner, Columbus Public Health
  • Erik Janas,  Deputy County Administrator, Franklin County Board of Commissioners

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