CelebrateOne Partners with Local Hospitals to Deliver SleepSacks®

December 12, 2017

CelebrateOne is partnering with Mount Carmel Health System, OhioHealth, and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to provide a fleece SleepSack to babies born in Franklin County hospitals from December 12th through February 28th, all made possible through private community donations. The new program is intended to address the increase of sleep-related deaths during winter months.

“Our community has rallied around mothers to support safe sleep practices in unprecedented ways,” said Mayor Andrew Ginther. “In addition to over 500 new safe sleep ambassadors trained by Columbus Public Health in 2017, we are grateful to our hospital partners for finding new ways to reinforce this timely message.”

Over 2,000 SleepSacks per month will be distributed with information about safe sleep practices. In coordination with safe sleep videos currently being shown in the hospitals, new mothers will be able to learn and practice the ABCs of safe sleep; baby must sleep Alone, on their Back, and in an empty Crib. SleepSacks are wearable blankets that prevent breathing issues caused by blankets blocking airways and causing the baby to suffocate.

“Our hospitals are committed to educating parents, family members and other caregivers on the importance of practicing the ABCs of safe sleep when they return home with their newborns. The SleepSack donation will reinforce the message that a safe sleep environment includes a crib without blankets,” said Jeff Klingler, president and CEO of the Central Ohio Hospital Council.

SleepSacks may also prevent overheating, another leading cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To check a baby’s temperature, use the back of the neck to see if they are warm, as cool fingers and toes does not mean they are cold.

“A parent has the opportunity to practice the ABCs of safe sleep multiple times a day,” said Erika Clark Jones, executive director of CelebrateOne. “We want every family and every caregiver to be reminded daily about the importance of sleeping babies safely and how small steps can save lives.”

In conjunction with giving out SleepSacks at the hospitals, CelebrateOne is giving SleepSacks to new mothers and moms-to-be through a social media campaign encouraging safe sleep practices. In addition to this pilot, the 500 safe sleep ambassadors trained this year are sharing the ABCs of safe sleep with their families and neighbors to further reduce sleep-related deaths in their communities.