Community Connector Corps Graduating Class of 2017

December 15, 2017

On Wednesday we celebrated 19 new graduates from our Connector Corps Program. This program trains members in our eight opportunity neighborhoods to conduct community outreach and build relationships to help the mothers get what they need and deserve before, during, and after pregnancy. The graduates had to go through training at The Ohio State University College of Nursing Community Health Worker Training Program, followed by nine months of part-time employment at a community agency.

A big thank you to United Health Foundation, as we couldn’t have do this without their $1.7 million grant. 

Early in the day, the Community Connectors were invited to the State Senate to receive recognition for their work from Senator Stephanie Kunze.

State Senator Stephanie Kunze speaking to Community Connectors.

Community Connectors being recognized for their work.

Celebrating at the Statehouse.


Graduation was held at the Columbus Public Health Auditorium. 

During the ceremony, graduated heard congratulatory and inspirational addresses from:
Nancie Bechtel, Assistant Health Commissioner Columbus Public Health
Dr. Corinn Taylor, Perinatal Health Services Director UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Erika Clark Jones, Executive Director CelebrateOne
Hon. Andrew J. Ginther Mayor, City of Columbus

Keynote speaker Donna James, Co-Chair Executive Committee, CelebrateOne Managing Director, and Lardon & Associates, LLC.


Keynote speaker Donna James has been an integral part to CelebrateOne and to the program.

Erika Clark Jones, executive director to CelebrateOne, and Mayor Andrew Ginther both spoke to the graduates.

Community Connector booklet takes a closer look at our graduates.

Each member was given a certificate and award.

During the ceremony we learned about the members and their experiences.

You can view the event program and the Community Connector booklet to get to know who they are and how they are helping their communities.



Congratulations to the Community Connectors Class of 2017 for graduating from our program!

We are happy to have you as part of our family and excited to see you continue your work in your neighborhoods.


We are proud of you and all of your hard work.