New campaign aims to teach the ABCs of safe sleep for babies

November 10, 2015

Safe Sleep: Ellie Merritt from NBC4 reports on the CelebrateOne safe sleep ad campaign

Monday, November 9, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– In an effort to keep babies alive, new billboards and TV commercials will be popping up soon in an effort to make sure people know the ABCs of safe sleep.

The new ads can be hard to watch, but that’s the point. They want your attention, because already too many babies have died from the simple act of sleeping.

You lay your baby down to sleep, and you go to get him, and he’s not breathing. It’s crushing,” said Columbus Firefighter Scott Widener.

Widener knows the pain of losing a baby. His 3-month old son, Jude, died of SIDS. “I was the one who found him and being a paramedic, I was the one working on him, trying to save him too,” said Widener.

Lianne Eagle is leading the campaign from Celebrate One, and is on a mission to fight infant mortality. “Get the word spread far and wide about the ABCs of safe sleep. Babies are to sleep alone, on their backs, and in a safe crib,” she said.

Sleep related deaths account for about 17% of all infant deaths in Columbus, and many are preventable. It sounds simple, but so many make a deadly mistake when they put their baby down.

“Things like bumpers, blankets, cute stuffed animals, and pillows; everyone wants their nursery to be adorable, but those things pose a significant risk,” said Eagle.

Instead, Eagle said to use an empty crib with a tight fitting sheet.

Widener is also working to encourage safe sleep for all babies. “It’s tough on families, but it’s tough on first responders too, because nobody wants to see a baby die,” he said.

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