New West Side Interventions

January 16, 2018

CelebrateOne sent out a request for proposal to create two new interventions on the West Side. There were a total of 12 submissions, each one addressing life skills that impact their residents’ knowledge or access to housing, transportation, education, and employment. Two programs were awarded $125,000 to complete their work.

Fanklinton FUEL

The Franklinton Urban Empowerment Lab (FUEL) is the Community Development Corporation formed to lead the revitalization of Franklinton. Made up of residents, local business owners, area non-profits, and other groups focused on revitalization, they create affordable home ownership through partnering with the city, other non-profits and private builders.

The Intervention
FUEL is creating a financial literacy curriculum to increase personal finance skills. It will be taught with the SunDown RunDown progam.
– Local agencies partner to find 80 teenagers and adults who are Franklinton residents.
– Curriculum from the National financial Educators Council will be used to teach the residents.
– Lessons include personal finance, financial literacy, and money management.
– Participants are divided into four cohorts with 20 students in each.
– Cohorts attend two-hour sessions every week for six weeks.
– Participants who complete the program will receive a savings account deposit.

Additionally a website will be created to provide the Franklinton community a place to learn about organizations, activities, and other resources that address their needs for housing, transportation, education, and employment.

Ashley Hofmaster


Hilltop YMCA
The Hilltop YMCA provides support and a community– from homework help for youth to exercise and company for older adults. Kids can take advantage of the climbing wall, sports fields, and playground while parents break a sweat in yoga, boot camp, or cycling classes. They are committed to providing you with a solid workout while strengthening and supporting the community.

The Intervention
The Hilltop YMCA is offering two programs; TOP® program for ages 16-17 and the Bridges Out of Poverty for ages 18-25. These two evidence-based programs teach young adults healthy behavior, life skills, and a sense of purpose – often decreasing teen pregnancy and negative behaviors while increasing academic success.

– Participants will learn about factors contributing to poverty and perspectives on how to move to more ideal situations.
– Curriculum also addresses economic stability with a good-paying job, stable housing, and how to save.
– Facilitators are trained and have online support for additional materials and tracking performance.
– TOP lessons are integrated into existing programs that are at the YMCA.
– Other lessons are taught through 15 modules, around 2.5 hours each.

Through these lessons participants will have increased awareness of both personal and community resources to reduce the social determinants of infant mortality.

Nadine Rinehart